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My Philosophy

Plastic Surgery is the specialty where art meets medicine. While the pursuit of beauty is certainly a large part of the story, a patient's health and medical welfare is the most important issue and should be put above everything else.

We want to understand our patients because the perception of beauty is very personal and every individual has their own hopes and desires. We want to determine if our patients' concerns can be solved and if their expectations will be met with the surgery we have to offer. To accomplish this, every patient requires a customized treatment plan. No two people are identical, and no two operations should be identical either.

Prior to doing anything, our patients will be extremely well informed about their
surgery – both the good and the bad. They need to know exactly what they are getting themselves into and they deserve an honest, realistic, description of what the end result is likely to be.

Once a patient has had surgery we will provide personalized support to help throughout the recovery process. We will be readily available to answer questions and to see patients regularly until their recovery is complete. In the end, out patients are welcome to return at any time to see us, because they are patients for life.